Company Profile: Annexio

Launched in 2011, Annexio is fast making a name for itself in the e-Gaming industry. It has after all come a long way in the last three years, known as one of the world’s leading lottery syndicate operations and named fastest growing gaming company on the Isle of Man in 2013 thanks to rapid growth which saw it increase staff by 300%. 

The company offers its members the opportunity to play some of the world’s biggest lotteries, including the Powerball, Mega Millions and EuroMillions, via their website

Whilst most lotteries place geographic restrictions on who can play, Annexio allows players to subscribe their favourite numbers to their chosen lottery and essentially bet on the outcome. Official lottery tickets and insurance is then purchased to ensure that winners receive the necessary winnings equal to that of their chosen lottery. In fact, 80% of the time the company offers a jackpot higher than $100 million.

Consumer trust is key to this innovative gaming company, and played a large role in the company choosing to base themselves on the Isle of Man, which is regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission within the requirements set out by the Online Gambling Regulation Act 2001. These strict regulations ensure a level of security for players, and this paired with unique VIP and customer retention plans has led to record breaking KPI’s within the gaming sector. 

As well as Annexio’s consumer products, the company also offers its proprietary lottery platform to other businesses. Partners can use this platform for their own websites to provide customers with a safe, robust and secure means of playing online lotteries. 

Inspiration for a Career Break

Have you reached that point where you feel you are ready for a career break, only you
are unsure of what to do? Well, to begin with consider how you want the career break to
impact on your career. Are you looking to enhance your leadership skills or how you operate as part of a team? If these are the kind of things that you are looking for them maybe we have the answer for you. Why not consider:

•Taking part in a community project where you can teach your skills to those who
are not as privileged. This way you will also benefit as you will gain valuable trainer
experience. Additionally, you will improve in your abilities to problem solve and also
enhance your communisation skills.

• Going abroad to complete a language course which also offers you the chance to
immerse yourself in a whole new culture.

• Doing some seasonal work, temping or paid work abroad. Aside of showing you are
flexible, your job interview skills will also improve and you will have new elements to
add onto your CV template once you have finished.

• Volunteering to work in an orphanage and develop your ability to deal with
challenges face-to-face.

When you have reached a decision about the type of career break that will suit your future
career, you can take time to consider how you could spend your free time. If you opt
for a career break which will further explore your interests and hobbies, aside of being
interesting, you will also enhance your professional development:

•If you thrive in learning about new cultures, then perhaps take a tour in a country
and go away from the beaten track which allows you to discover and learn what a
country really has to offer.

Is Self Employment for you?

Going to work everyday is something we all have to endure at some point in our lives. We would all be forgiven if at some point we took a sickie or pretended we have an ill relative. Many of us do our best to ensure we do the very least that we need to in order to get paid and there are even more of us that don’t have a good word to say about our boss. All that said, we all have to work so that we can live as e all know the saying ‘we work to live’. As I have such an issue with work, I often considered, if working for myself might be more suited to my demeanour. Being self employed has many positives but also some negatives too. Continue reading

Make your Business Succeed!

Read my top 8 tips to ensure that your business thrives and prospers!

1. Spot a Niche: Concentrate on a small market niche and stick to what you know best and aim to become an expert in this field.

2. You may only be small – but remember to think big: Although many small businesses will begin questioning whether they can compete against the big boys, it is clear they have many advantages. For instance; they are able to respond quicker, provide a personalised approach/ service and be more flexible. Make sure you exploit these areas. Continue reading