Inspiration for a Career Break

Have you reached that point where you feel you are ready for a career break, only you
are unsure of what to do? Well, to begin with consider how you want the career break to
impact on your career. Are you looking to enhance your leadership skills or how you operate as part of a team? If these are the kind of things that you are looking for them maybe we have the answer for you. Why not consider:

•Taking part in a community project where you can teach your skills to those who
are not as privileged. This way you will also benefit as you will gain valuable trainer
experience. Additionally, you will improve in your abilities to problem solve and also
enhance your communisation skills.

• Going abroad to complete a language course which also offers you the chance to
immerse yourself in a whole new culture.

• Doing some seasonal work, temping or paid work abroad. Aside of showing you are
flexible, your job interview skills will also improve and you will have new elements to
add onto your CV template once you have finished.

• Volunteering to work in an orphanage and develop your ability to deal with
challenges face-to-face.

When you have reached a decision about the type of career break that will suit your future
career, you can take time to consider how you could spend your free time. If you opt
for a career break which will further explore your interests and hobbies, aside of being
interesting, you will also enhance your professional development:

•If you thrive in learning about new cultures, then perhaps take a tour in a country
and go away from the beaten track which allows you to discover and learn what a
country really has to offer.