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Ronhill Tech Windspeed Women’s Running Jacket, Hot Pink/Black


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Relaxed outer shell fit Water and wind resistant activelite fabric Breathable ventilation along the front panels Secure side pockets provide space for essentials Reflective panels for all-day running This is Ronhill’s core wind resistant running jacket. Whether you are new to running or have been obsessed with running for years you will appreciate the benefits of a wind resistant jacket. Perfect for most days, when it’s not raining, a wind resistant jacket will be the most comfortable option for some protection from wind chills and a light drizzle. This is because the breathability is not impeded by a waterproof laminate found on waterproof jackets which need to be more robust to keep the rain out. Through experience and research ROnhill know that the ideal wind resistant jacket has an air permeability of around 5. Air permeability measures how wind resistant any fabric is with a score of 0 being totally windproof, whilst a result of around 5 means that the trade-off between wind resistance and breathability is at the ideal level for runners.

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